To improve our ability to support our customers and provide the best possible experience, we sometimes remove features from cPanel & WHM. When possible, we attempt to provide advance notice of any deprecations or removals. Check this document often for updates.

We use the following terminology to describe features that we plan to remove from cPanel & WHM:

  • Deprecated — We no longer recommend the feature and, in most cases, plan to remove it from cPanel & WHM soon.

    • Because we ceased active development on the feature, we are unlikely to provide future bug fixes.

    • Update any customizations on your server that use or depend on the feature as soon as possible.

  • Removed — We have removed the feature from the cPanel & WHM codebase.

    • We will not fix bugs.

    • In most cases, you cannot use the feature.

    • Any customizations on your server that continue to use or depend on the feature will experience problems.

Thursday, October 6, 2022

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