Web Hosting: The Horde webmail application has been removed in cPanel

To improve our ability to support our customers and provide the best possible experience, we sometimes remove features from cPanel & WHM. When possible, we attempt to provide advance notice of any deprecations or removals. Check this document often for updates. We use the following terminology to describe features that we plan to remove from ... Read More »

6th Oct 2022
Vincemedia.com: New and updated features coming soon.

Good morning, we would like to release a statement this morning on Vincemedia.com.  The site is in the middle of being upgraded with new features coming soon.  Some of these features will include news feeds and Photo gallery with Weather pictures.  We will be working on the site live on the internet so look forward to features.

1st Mar 2022
HAPPY HOLIDAYS! (with a few notices)

On behalf of Detechempire we would all like to wish you HAPPY HOLIDAYS!   So because of the holiday season coming up we have a few things that will be changing for just a few days. -Vincemedia.com will not be updated Friday - Sunday. -Tech support will be open -New Orders will be running on and off Friday - Sunday -These changes will also ... Read More »

22nd Dec 2021
Welcome to the new Detechempire.com Client Center!

Hello there,  We are still working on a few things to get the most service for you!

22nd Dec 2021

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